Starbuck's Only Mostly Dead, Right?

Okay, hands up: Who thinks Starbuck is a Cylon?

Last night's episode of Battlestar Galactica was kinda dragging along for a while there, with all that long, dreamy, 2001: A Starbuck Odyssey mind-frak about strange destinies and mysterious mandalas and Kara as a special, special little girl ... And then: *boom* -- Starbuck's on a bad Viper trip, and that fractured windshield cannot be a good thing. And Leoben's been telling Starbuck about how he's gonna show her the place between life and death.

So she's not dead in a Viper wipeout, she's downloading. Right? Starbuck is downloading into that beautiful place between life and death that Xena Warrior Cylon couldn't get enough of. Right? I'm tellin' ya, it's gotta be.

Dirk Benedict was pissed off when "his" character was turned into a girl. Imagine how much more enraged he's gonna be if Starbuck turns out to be a toaster.

Also, think how it will torment Apollo. We can get entire episodes of manly anguish out of this.

But c'mon, it's gotta be, right? She's a Cylon, and she's been one all along. I guess her crazy-ass mom was forced to adopt a Cylon baby for some weird reason; perhaps if they do that BSG prequel SciFi's promised us we'll get to see how a little baby Cylon could have ended up on Caprica.

So that leaves how many unknown Cylons left?


MaryAnn Johanson

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