Music on Grey's Anatomy: She Made the Jump!

Before that last sweeps episode, we had left Meredith Grey suspended in mid-air, on water skis, jumping over some sharks.

Did you really think she wasn't going to make it? Ok, I paused for a second when I saw in the credits that Marti Noxon co-wrote the episode. Noxon wrote for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and they killed off that namesake ... twice! But Buffy wasn't the cash cow that Grey's is for Disney, and in the end, this episode had the feeling of a hollow sweeps stunt. I imagine that after all is said, Grey's will have lost a few viewers as a result. Probably not a good time, considering the spin-off in the works.

As far as music goes, they really didn't pull off much in the way of 'moments' like they did last year. UK singer/songwriter Aqualung led things off with a track off his yet-to-be-released album Memory Man, while Damien Rice's "Sleep Don't Weep" nearly managed to accomplish its task, minus the weeping pretense (the album track even gives you 17 minutes of silence at the end to emphasize the point of sleep). All in all, it amounts to quite a letdown ... I can't even muster a hearty 'told you so' based on my predictions from last week.

Grey's Anatomy - Episode 3.17

Title track: "Some Kind of Miracle" - Kelly Clarkson

1. "The Lake" - Aqualung - The chief works on Meredith

2. "Sleep Don't Weep" - Damien Rice - Meredith's heart flatlines ... the doctors look on, unsure if they should continue

3. "Swans" - Unkle Bob - The chief says goodbye to Ellis, Derek sleeps by Meredith, and Izzie and Denny sense each other in the hallway

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