Anna Nicole Smith's Funeral

Over three weeks after her death, Anna Nicole Smith's closed-casket funeral was held in the Bahamas early this afternoon. Although 300 people were invited to the event, only about 100 attended. The "well-known singer" who performed was Joe Nichols (I've never heard of him), who was expected to sing "I'll Wait for You" and Dolly Parton's "On the Wings of a Dove."

Anna's rhinestone-studded, pink coffin cover looks like it was designed by Bobby Trendy. See the picture here. You can also check out a picture of Howard K. Stern saying his final goodbye to his beloved Anna here.

The throngs of fans outside Mount Horeb Baptist Church, where the pews were covered in pink roses, cheered the arrivals of Larry Birkhead and Virgie Arthur, but booed Howard Stern. Also in attendance: Slash, from Guns 'N' Roses, and Hulk Hogan. Go figure.

Check out photos from outside the funeral here. After the funeral, Anna's body was taken to Lakeview Memorial Gardens for a private burial (next to her son) with a smaller group of invitees.

I'm sure more photos and details will surface in the coming days, and we'll be sure to bring them all to you, so check back on Monday!

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