Box Office Predictions March 2

We have a new sheriff in town. This time the bike isn't on fire, though, it's Wild Hogs in a waltz. The previews of this movie look brutal, but the buzz is decent. Plus, 3000 theatres will do the trick. One movie that won't be in the top five is Black Snake Moan. Although the ads have been plastered everywhere, the 1200 theatres won't be enough.

5. The Number 23 $7.3m
Audiences refused to reward this silliness with the top slot. We won't be seeing a Number 24 anytime soon.

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4. Bridge to Terabithia $7.5m
I didn't see it and don't know much about it. Eighty-three percent on Rotten Tomatoes, though, that's good news. Critics are usually pretty pleasant to decent children's films.

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3. Ghost Rider $9.5m
Huzzah, the wretched anti-superhero movie has been knocked down. I still mope a little for what might have been, it's a powerful iconography.

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2. Zodiac $16.1m
It looks creepy, and the serial killer it's based upon is terrifying. I'm not sold on the cast, I'm not a Ruffalo guy, but director David Fincher has delivered before (Fight Club, Se7en).


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1. Wild Hogs $24.6m
Even the name is slightly annoying. Why not "Biker Buddies"? That would be just as silly. And what the heck is William H. Macy doing in this? Thankfully 300 is on the horizon and our salvation is right around the corner.

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Check back with MaryAnn on Monday, she's a seer.


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