What I'll Be Watching, Feb. 27

8-9:30 pm: American Idol.

Tonight, the top 10 male contestants perform for their chance at pop credibility and probable future anonymity.

8 pm: Gilmore Girls.

Le sigh. I'm not sure why I am still watching this, as it's just so damn depressing to watch this once-great series continue to fall off the tracks. On tonight's episode ("Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?"), Rory gets a call from The New York Times for an interview, Logan is forced to admit a business disaster, and Liz and TJ try to sell Luke's boat -- wait, sorry, I just can't do this anymore. I quit.

9 pm: Veronica Mars.

Sadly, tonight is the last installment until the dreaded Pussycat Dolls show steals its timeslot for, oh, two months. Grr. On tonight's installment ("Papa's Cabin"), it's the conclusion of the Dean O'Dell mystery, as Veronica catches creepy TA Tim Foyle breaking into the Mars Investigations offices; Keith questions Mindy, who makes him believe Hank Landry killed O'Dell; and Wallace notices Logan and Parker canoodling at lunch. Have I said how much I love this show?

* * *

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