New DVD Releases | 2/27/07

Five major movie releases and a few televisions shows thrown in for good measure. It's Tuesday, it's DVD time, it's coming at you fast.

1. Alexander The Unrated Final Cut
Why do we keep going back to the well on Alexander? Because the studio refused Oliver Stone his vision two times in a row. The potential this film showed merits at least a rental of the "Final Cut."

2. Stranger than Fiction
There was something flawed here that I never quite put my finger on, but I try and support all things Will Ferrell. It might be our civic duty to buy this so he can continue working on whatever he pleases.

3. Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
I love the D but this didn't rock anywhere near hard enough. One of the bigger letdowns of 2006, I wish they would have given us an unrated version here.

4. A Good Year
This was ushered out of theatres faster than you could say, "throwing a phone at your head." A very rare Ridley Scott misfire.

5. Seinfeld The Complete Seasons 1-7
People have claimed this isn't aging well, but I caught the "Not that there's anything wrong with that" episode last night and still had some laughs. These seven seasons will set you back $200 over on, but you can't put a price on four straight days of comedy (if you forgo sleep) plus the first two seasons being remastered in high definition.

6. Magnum P.I. The Complete Sixth Season
I don't know what happens in season six. You don't either. But I guarantee you it involves some Dobermans, a Detroit Tigers hat, and our buddy Higgins. Sigh. I miss Tom Selleck.

7. The Return
Nineteen percent on Rotten Tomatoes and $7m at the box office are not positive metrics. If you're a crazy cinephile this might be a late-night weekend beer special. For the rest of us it's a skip.

We'll always have Topeka. See you next Tuesday!

Laremy Legel -- Mail Laremy