Stranger Than Fiction Debuts on DVD


Than Fiction, starring Will Ferrell as an IRS auditor whose

life is interrupted by the sound of a personal narrator, comes out on

DVD February 26. The film opened November 10 with a $13m weekend gross,

and currently has a total gross over $40m. Fiction only

recieved a 74 on

Rotten Tomatoes' Tomotoemeter, a bit lower than how our crew saw it.'s MaryAnn Johanson calls it a "remarkable combination of

intense, intricate intellectualism and warm, grounded, human emotion."

Read her full take on the film in her piece titled, Counting

Down the Best Films of 2006: No. 4, Stranger Than Fiction.'s Ethan Morris states that "Ferrell delivers a 'straight

man' comedic performance that would make Bud Abbott proud" in his piece

titled, Little

Did He Know ... Stranger Than Fiction Not Just Another Ferrell Farce.

Rolling Stone's Peter Travers gives Fiction 3 out of 4

stars, and says that, "This is a Ferrell you've never seen before,

nailing a role that calls for breakneck humor in the final race against

the clock and touching gravity in the love scenes with Gyllenhaal."


his full Stranger Than Fiction review here.

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