Who's Up, Who's Down: Marty, Eddie

UP: Marty, Predictability

Last year after the hip-hop group won the Oscar for Best Original Song, Jon Stewart declared with a nice touch of irony, "Three 6 Mafia 1, Martin Scorsese 0." The Academy heard you, Jon, and finally, finally awarded director Martin Scorsese an Oscar. I was stoked to see Marty and The Departed take down four big trophies last night. There's a lesson here, people, and I hope everyone paid close attention. When Jon Stewart tells you to do a thing, you do it.

Okay, I may not have won the old office pool here at Film.com, but I did go 8 for 8 in the major Oscar categories (The two screenplay cats, director, supporting actors, lead actors, and picture). Which leads me to the other big winner this week: Predictability. You never let us down and I'm never really surprised, to be honest. I've come to know your rather pedestrian nature. I can spot your next move a mile away. As Harvey Keitel once said, "I read you like a [expletive]ing Marvel Spider-man comic book." You never seem to surprise because you never seem to fail. Yes, a predictable Oscar telecast is never fun. But I'm not going to hate the player. I'm just going to hate the game.

DOWN: Eddie Murphy, Taste

As many speculated in the last couple of weeks, Eddie Murphy's latest box-office hit ironically became his undoing at last night's Oscars. As I stated in my Oscar Recap (Part One here, Part Two here), live by the Norbit, die by the Norbit.

Those anticipating Stallone's next Rambo film will be disappointed to know that the previous, wonderfully cheesy-sounding title for the fourth installment -- Rambo IV: In The Serpent's Eye -- has been jettisoned. Right now the working title is John Rambo. What a bummer. In The Serpent's Eye was probably my favorite working title in production, so I'm really disappointed by this news. Was it awful? You're damn right it was, and it didn't need anyone messing around with it.

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