Weekend Wrap-up: Ghost Rider Burns Bright Again

The horror of it deserves nothing but bluntness: Ghost Rider was the top movie again this weekend, earning another $19.7 million in its second weekend. Oh, the bitter irony of it: the weekend on which we honored Hollywood's best with the Oscars saw a flaming skull take the payday prize. If this keeps up, we may start to see that this biker is actually one of the four riders of the apocalypse.

It cheers me somewhat to see that, on a per-screen basis, the PBS-style historical drama Amazing Grace did better than Ghost Rider -- its per-screen average was $5,442 (at each of 791 venues), which is but a single dollar more than Rider's $5,441 (on 3,620 screens), but we must look for things to be optimistic about where we can find them. The No. 2 movie, The Number 23 [my review], did even better, with a per-screen of $5,475 on nearly a thousand fewer screens than Rider, which would be good, except that this terrible flick doesn't deserve an audience, either.

More sadness: the lovely and charming The Astronaut Farmer [my review] did very poorly this weekend, clocking in at No. 9 with take of a mere $4.5 million. I'll keep my fingers crossed that folks discover this one on DVD -- I know this will become a comfort film for me, one that I'll watch again and again.

Hanging on at No. 7 is Breach [my review], which added a tad over $6 million to its tally this weekend, a lowish number than looks better in the per-screen: $4,125. On a weekend during which overall attendence was relatively low (as is typical for the end of February), moviegoers were seeking out smart stuff. So perhaps we're not entirely doomed just yet.

(Box office numbers via Box Office Mojo.)


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