First Clear Pictures of Britney's Baby

While some photogs have previously caught far-away, grainy shots of Jayden James Federline's face, this week's issue of OK! magazine runs the first high-quality, close-up shots of the tot we've seen so far. Check them out here. I have to admit, this child is adorable.

Britney's probably way pissed about this. Several months ago, she reportedly tried to sell the first pics of Jayden to Vanity Fair, but they passed. Since then, she's been notorious for keeping Jayden hidden from cameras, but I guess some determined British editor paid off a nanny and got these shots.

The January 19 issue of OK! ran one of the most Britney-friendly stories we've seen in the tabs recently, quoting a former nanny who spoke about Britney's love for her childen.

“She is really sweet and loving,” her nanny tells OK!. “She loves her kids, she's just not very knowledgeable about the little things .…”

The nanny recalls that even though she stopped breast-feeding her youngest, Jayden James, months ago, the caring mom thought she could just pick up where she left off. “Two weeks ago, she thought she could start breast-feeding Jayden again.”

As confounding as it might sound, Britney loves her children, Sean Preston, 17 months, and Jayden, 5 months, and wants only the best for them, those around her insist. “She’s very loving and when they cry she is very patient .…”

“She wakes up at two or three in the afternoon, and lives this very free life, where often she’s not wearing many clothes,” her former nanny says. “She’ll be in the bathtub and have meetings, and people just come in there and talk to her …”

"When she comes home at night,” a former employee tells OK!, “she takes them from the nanny and brings them in her room and puts them in bed with her, no matter what time it is.”

Meanwhile, Britney's former flame Justin Timberlake used his speech at last night's Brit Awards to fire this warning shot: "[E]veryone have a great night. Stop drinking! You know who you are. I'm speaking to you. You are going to get sloppy. OK! magazine is going to say something bad about you." Britney has been OK!'s cover girl for ten weeks in a row. (Hey, the girl sells ... trust me.) The blogosphere's response to this has been that he was talking to Britney, but I doubt that. I think he was talking to someone else, and making fun of Britney. He could care less about whether that girl gets sober.

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