DVD: Finally Caught Up With It: Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic

Last week I watched the first episode of Comedy Central's The Sarah Silverman Program, and I've decided it is yet another weekly habit I'm going to have to set aside time for. Something's got to give. Bye bye, bathing! Anyway, it inspired me to catch up on Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic, Silverman's stand-up flick from last year. The film is basically Silverman's act on the big screen, occasionally interrupted with sketches relating to the material.

So how was it? In a word ... funny. In two ... very funny. A word of caution, though. Sarah Silverman is as edgy a comedian as there is out there. She broaches topics such as the Holocaust, 9/11, AIDS, ethnicity and Jesus. Yes, her act is not for the easily offended. In fact, it better take a lot to offend you before you step foot in her ring. She's got a solid right hook.

Silverman's act works because she is embodying a persona -- that of a self-involved, naively racist, opinionated meshuggener. She is almost always spouting out illogical, morally or ethically wrong things and that's the real joke. Unlike most comedians, Silverman doesn't expect you to laugh with her, but at her. This either works for you or it doesn't. It works in a very big way for me. The movie itself only completely hits when it focuses on her standup routine. Unlike her hilarious new TV show, the sketches interspersed throughout the movie are not that funny or well executed. But this is a small price to pay for some very big laughs.

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