Box Office Predictions Feb. 16

The studios have five major releases coming down the pike this weekend in what seems to be a cleaning of the shelves. I imagine some high-ranking studio executive looking around for his shoe polish and seeing Breach and saying, "Hey, what the heck are you still doing here?" And so 1487 theatres are telephoned (conference call?) and offered free popcorn futures to show it. Also, will the makers of Breach kindly send me some Mentos and Diet Coke for the mention, because they won't crack the top five and thus wouldn't have been mentioned otherwise without my kindness (which is for sale).

5. Daddy's Little Girls $9.8m
Yes, over one million souls will journey to the metroplex to catch this. That should give you pause right there.

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4. Norbit $15.7m
I'd like this to drop to around $18 dollars total, but it probably won't happen. Eddie Murphy is still the favorite for Oscar (according to Vegas), so I guess my piece didn't derail him. Rest easy, Ed.

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3. Bridge to Terabithia $16.5m
This is based solely on the fact that no other family fare is out there and Snow Dogs debuted around $20m in during February. I've heard some of the weirdest buzz of the year around this one, so if anyone sees it, fill me in.

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2. Music and Lyrics $14.3m
I think the early opening will help build the word of mouth here. It really deserves to be the top dog, but we all know deserving has nothing to do with it. I saw it (review) and think you should too. Be a buddy.


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1. Ghost Rider $27.4m
They are screening this about four hours before it comes out, which is never a good sign. Also opening at 3600 theatres means they want to make all the money possible during week one. While this is true of all movies (of course), the real bad ones try and maximize first week counts because they know week two will destroy them.

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