What I'll Be Watching, Feb. 16

8 pm: Hardware on BBC America (11 pm ET).

It's the second season finale of Britcom Hardware, starring Martin Freeman of the original UK version of The Office, taking place at a small (you guessed it!) hardware store. On tonight's episode ("Celebrity"), the guys can't contain themselves when a D-list celebrity comes into the cafe, while Mike is injured during a footie match.

8:30 pm: Spaced on BBC America (11:30 pm ET).

It's the second season of one of the wackiest Britcoms ever devised. On tonight's episode ("Dissolution"), the gang takes Daisy out for her birthday, and Marsha catches Tim kissing Sophie, leading Marsha to suspect that all is not as it appears between Daisy and Tim. Gee, you think?

10 pm: Hyperdrive on BBC America (9 pm ET).

On the fifth episode of this hilarious space station-set workplace comedy ("Clare"), Henderson strays from the HMS Camden Lock's mission to assist a rather deranged astronaut. I smell trouble!

10:40 pm: Feel the Force on BBC America (9:40 pm ET).

It's the US premiere of UK cop spoof Feel the Force. On tonight's episode, Frank and Bobbins manage to get themselves captured while trying to alleviate a hostage crisis. Hilarity ensues.

* * *

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