Anna Nicole, Day 85

Or at least that's what it feels like at this point. Here's today's recap:

Sigh. Some nanny claims Anna intentionally underfed her baby to make her "sexy."

TMZ, whose writers must be even sicker of this crap than the rest of us (and that's saying something), has the full scoop on the meds Anna was taking. And, shocker of shockers, some were not obtained in total compliance with the law.

Anna's body is scheduled to be released soon. TMZ is liveblogging the proceedings. This is absurd. But it looks like Anna's not going anywhere until they can determine next of kin.

A Bahamian judge yesterday agreed to an injunction preventing Howard K. Stern from removing Dannielynn from the Bahamas. This is at the request of Anna's mother, Virgie Arthur, who claims she fears for the safety of the child with Stern.

Howard K. Stern's sister Bonnie continues to wage whatever war she's invented against her brother, claiming that Anna told her that Larry Birkhead is the father of Dannielynn.

Anna's final film, Illegal Aliens, will be released in May. Smith's late son Daniel was an associate producer on the film.

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