TiVo This! Can't-Miss Movies on TV

I scour the skeds so you don't have to, to find the hidden movie gems from all over the channelverse: from the HBO family of channels, Showtime and The Movie Channel, and Turner Classic Movies, which air films uncut and uninterrupted (and sometimes in letterbox). But ya gotta turn to The SciFi Channel once in a while, too, commercials and editing be damned -- there's nothing like geeking out in front of the tube with really bad movies featuring built-in breaks for munchie refills and snark attacks.

(All times are Eastern. Times between midnight and 5:59am actually refer to the previous date. In other words, 2am Saturday really means the overnight twilight zone between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Links in movie titles go to my review. Movies frequently air more than once over the course of the month, so if you miss something mentioned here, search listings for additional showings.)


Turner Classic Movies 8:00PM: Coal Miner's Daughter. Sissy Spacek sings!

HBO2 7:30AM: The Color Purple. Before Oprah was God.

The Movie Channel 7:45AM: Dreamscape. Dennis Quaid can visit my dreams anytime.

FRIDAY 02.16

Turner Classic Movies 10:00AM: The Princess and the Pirate. Bob Hope and Virginia Mayo do meta comedy on the high seas.

Turner Classic Movies 12:15AM: Logan's Run. Never trust anyone over 30.

HBOSignature 6:00PM: Nine to Five. The Office Space of its day.

Showtime 3:00PM: My Dinner with Andre. Yack, yack, yack.


Turner Classic Movies 8:00PM: Tommy. I hear he plays a mean pinball.

Turner Classic Movies 2:15AM: Poltergeist. Stay away from the static.

HBO2 4:30AM: Cadillac Man. It's not really about cars.

The Movie Channel 6:15AM: Metropolitan. Modern prepsters whining.

SciFi 3:00AM: Cube 2: Hypercube. Kinda like a Rubik's but it'll kill ya.

SUNDAY 02.18

Turner Classic Movies 11:15AM: Singin' in the Rain. Ironically enough, I can stand it.

Cinemax 7:30PM: The Shawshank Redemption. With a special cameo by Rita Hayworth.

MONDAY 02.19

Turner Classic Movies 1:45AM: The Talented Mr. Ripley. One of those gay-cowboys-eating-pudding movies.

HBOSignature 10:30AM: The Witches of Eastwick. Rhymes with you-know-what.

Showtime 12:15PM: Traveller. American gypsies.


OuterMax 4:50AM: Altered States. William Hurt becomes a caveman. Oops, I gave it away ....

Showtime 1:35AM: Ju-on. Not the Buffy version.

The Movie Channel 6:30AM: The Yes Men. Documentary about cultural pranksters.


OuterMax 6:25PM: Alien. They can hear you scream in the mess hall.

Showtime 8:35AM: Night of the Comet. Hint: they've always been harbingers of evil.

SciFi 9:00PM: The Beastmaster. Marc Singer, in a loincloth.


MaryAnn Johanson

author of The Totally Geeky Guide to The Princess Bride

minder of FlickFilosopher.com