Movie of the Week: Lurking In Suburbia

The Movie of the Week for the week of February 14 is the dramatic comedy Lurking In Suburbia.

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Lurking In Suburbia

Studio: Heretic Films

Director: Mitchell Altieri

Starring: Joe Egender, Samuel Child, Ari Zagaris, Buffy Charlet

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Duration: 87 minutes


A small-town writer takes pause to reassess his wild life of drunken debauchery in director Mitchell Altieri's reflective comedy drama. Conrad Stevens (Joe Egender) is about to turn thirty, yet despite his wild nights spent partying with his roommates at the bachelor pad they've taken to calling "The Palace," Connie can't help but feeling that something is missing from his once-charmed life. Feeling stifled in his suburban hometown and trapped in an endless cycle of raucous boozing and non-committal babes, Conrad decides that maybe it's time to make a change from the ordinary and break the everyday cycle. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide.

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