Get Some Grey's Anatomy

**Warning: If you haven't watched Thursday night's Grey's Anatomy, scurry away from this column because we're going to get into the crux of current Grey's happenings right about now.**

We good? Everyone here already watched? Good. So how about last night's episode? Wowser! Has any show come this close to killing its namesake off in season three? Personally I thought the imagery in episode two (of what seems to be a three-part series) was stellar. Meredith in the blue water, slip-sliding away, very emotional stuff.

At some point in the show I looked over to Laura, tears streaming down her face, and she pointed a finger at me, saying something to the effect of "I'm mad at you!" Evidently I was somehow to blame for Grey's Anatomy hitting like a freight train because I started writing about television so long ago. Or maybe I was supposed to protect her from content like this, or perhaps it was because people were dying all over the place on the show and as a writer I should have had more power over the script. I said, "What did I do?" but I felt guilty anyway. I dragged us into this Grey's mess years back, and my daring foray into network TV was finally coming back to haunt me. Sorry, hon.

So the question is, and I could probably get hundreds of dollars if I knew the answer, will they really kill Meredith Grey off? I still lean on the side of "no." I just can't see it, no show is that brave. She's the narrator, for Pete's sake! But having her see Denny and the police bomb-squad guy was inspired. Her blue makeup was also spot on. As I work about a hundred yards from where that incident would have taken place, I can tell you that water would have been extremely frosty. I just wish I had known she was drowning so close to me! On that note, one thing that was missing was McDreamy jumping in. That would have been a nice visual, even though they would have had to channel Frodo and Sam from the closing scene of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Lastly, what WAS UP with that little girl?? Never have I had such anger towards a tiny person. I have three nieces and I guarantee every single one of them would have piped up with something helpful if someone was drowning. Anything at all would have worked, and then maybe Meredith wouldn't be sitting on an 81-degree temperature! I really loathe that little girl. If I see her with that non-speaking face again we're going to have words.

And now I'm going to say something that might get me in trouble. Ready for it? I hope Meredith dies. I know that's crazy talk, it's called Grey's Anatomy and such, but it would put the show on a new level, and it would be the bravest choice in the past decade by anything on the networks. People would FREAK out and the show would have to go a completely different direction. Meredith (as Addison called her, "our favorite twelve-year-old") as a character has gotten stale. Is she in love? Is she feeling perky? Can she wallow in self pity? I've lost all affection for her at this point. Also, the show has such a strong ensemble cast that I don't think losing her would hurt.

Will it happen? Again, I'm still betting on no. But Grey's has accomplished exactly what was desired out of the spectacle: we're all talking about it again.


Laremy Legel

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