Robbie Williams Hits Up Rehab

Rehab is totally the new Hyde. Robbie Williams is the latest in a string of recent celeb rehab visits. The British pop star checked into an undisclosed rehab center in the U.S., said his publicist: “Robbie Williams has today been admitted into a treatment centre in America for his dependency on prescription drugs. There will be no further comment on this matter.”

Robbie has been dating Top Model's Lisa D'Amato, still the reigning drunk of reality television in my mind. And I'm counting Chyna. "It was clear he was struggling with his mind," said Lisa, to a fern. "He doesn’t drink, but he needs antidepressants to get him through the day. A lot of the time he seemed on edge."

This is not Robbie's first stint in rehab -- he put in some time after leaving the band Take That. He's based in LA now, and, while there is certainly more than one rehab facility in the City of Angels, it is possible he's chosen to join Lindsay Lohan and Mike Tyson at the Wonderland center. Man, the other residents there must be wondering why the hell they thought they needed to drop acid when the trippiest shit ever was actually going down in rehab.

Get well, Robbie!!

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