Sharon Stone is Drunk and Obnoxious

Sharon Stone gets loaded and behaves like Sharon Stone at a German charity auction. The difference this time is that -- unlike at any point in the last ten years of her career -- someone made a compelling movie with the footage. [Faded Youth]

Ashley Olsen gives the paparazzi a quick rundown of her favorite sex positions. [Evil Beet]

I bet JC Chasez could give Clay Aiken some ideas about how to use an oversized turnip. [Celebslam]

Vogue's Anna Wintour: "You want a fat girl on the cover of my magazine? Fine. Fine. But she is not going to look good." [DListed]

Pete Wentz makes out with boys. [POTP]

Ivanka Trump reminds us that she is nothing like Paris Hilton. Which is true, because Paris Hilton doesn't need to name-drop Ivanka Trump in order to get people writing about her. [A Socialite's Life]

You don't need photographic evidence to assure yourself that Britney's a dirty whore. But, admit it, you want it anyway. [Cele|bitchy]

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