Britney's Late-Night Vom-a-rama

Not that this is even news anymore, but Britney was partying a little too hard at NYC's Tenjune late Saturday night. Britster exited the club and was rushed into an SUV with a blonde female friend. When she arrived at her hotel, she and the friend left, and the paps quickly noticed something was amiss within the car. They zoomed in and got a close-up of the backseat of the SUV, covered in vomit. That's hot. Video here.

Brit's former love, Justin Timberlake, had a similarly rough night on Friday. After performing at Hollywood's Avalon on Friday night (and giving K-Fed a hug on the red carpet -- is there a Federlake in the works?), JT was scheduled to perform at Clive Davis' legendary pre-Grammy bash on Saturday, but had to cancel, citing a 103 degree fever. The folks who were out partying with Justin until five o'clock Saturday morning said he seemed perfectly healthy -- albeit drunk -- to them. Hm. Fox News said the newly single pop star actually showed up for sound check, but just couldn't pull it together to perform.

Maybe next time Justin should think twice before sounding off about what an irresponsible trainwreck Britney is.

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