New DVD Releases | 02/13/07

Let's count down Tuesday's DVDs from Buy to Rent, with a smidge of

disinformation in between. Ladies and germs, your February 13th DVDs!

1. The


I liked it, but I didn't love it (Cousin

Laremy's Review). I liked the original a little better. Dre has a

quotable Departed column inbound in his continual quest to

steal my personality. MaryAnn has The Departed ranked

fifth of 2006. Okay, that's enough supplemental material to make

the impression that this is a movie of note. Pretend this is a bull

market and buy, buy, buy.

2. Marie


I really liked this one too, though it's a little on the boring side.

When it's not being boring it's being pretty (I pray for the copy

editor's soul on that sentence). You know what I am? A Kirsten Dunst

fan. I make no apologies for that. Don't ask me to say I'm sorry. I

won't. If all that doesn't convince you, then see it for the cinematic

pastry joy!

3. School

for Scoundrels

I didn't see it, so I don't know. I do love me some Billy Bob Thornton;

the film The Man Who Wasn't There is one of the true

undiscovered classics.

4. Infamous

This is the other Truman Capote movie. You know, the one that

didn't win an Oscar? Yeah, that one. I don't know what your personal

quota for Capote stories is, but if you haven't met it yet you should

check this out.

5. The

U.S. vs John Lennon

Yoko Ono is in it. Do you need more than that? Okay, it's about this

British guy who was in this MASSIVE band. But they weren't so massive

that he could trod willy-nilly over accepted social norms of the time.

And that's where the conflict came in. So no, I haven't seen it.

6. F*ck

It's a movie about a very naughty word which I would get fired for

using. No, just kidding, is great. I really like the premise

for this movie, though it could wind up as one-note. Certainly a

rental, though, if only to shock your parents.

Hit 'em where they ain't.


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