Former Cylon Lucy Lawless Suits Up for Football Wives

ABC's drama pilot Football Wives has added another bad-ass babe to its team, following the casting of Gabrielle Union (Bring It On, Night Stalker) as the famously named Chardonnay.

This time round, it's the former star of Xena: Warrior Princess herself, Lucy Lawless, who has signed on to star in the drama pilot. She'll play the pivotal character of Tanya, who in the original Brit series was the malicious, catty wife of resident bad boy Jason.

I'm hoping that the casting doesn't mean that we'll never ever see D'Anna, Lawless' character on Battlestar Galactica, again. When last we saw her the poor Cylon was placed into cold storage and her memories shelved (despite finally seeing the face of one of the final five Cylon models). I was hoping that somehow, someway, we'd get to see my favorite Cylon, misguided D'Anna, one last time. (And we still might, somewhere down the line.)

On a somewhat unrelated note, did anyone else feel that last night's episode of BSG ("The Woman King") was quite possibly one of the weakest, not just of the season, but of the series to date? I'm not quite sure what happened there, but after getting pre-empted last week (due to the Superbowl), I was hoping that the series would return with a bravura episode. Instead, we're "treated" to a Katrina metaphor and some Bruce Davison scenery chewing while Helo is forced to take accountability for his many (nearly treasonous) actions. And can anyone explain to me the meaning behind the episode's title?


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