Anime Girls and Guns

So in following up my initial piece, A Newbie's Introduction to Anime, I figured I’d address two very key themes in anime -- girls and guns. Now when I say girls, I really don’t just mean the girl next door type, but rather the girl you wish lived next door that sadly only exists in the gravity-defying world of anime. And when I say guns, I don’t mean pistols; I mean stuff that fires off rounds so fast that heads spin, or are so awe inspiring that BFG (Big F***ing Gun – from Quake) fans would turn green with envy.

Anime Girls

In general, the most interesting leading female characters come in a couple of basic types:

1) Very caring and scarily subordinate -- this is very typical, as most traditional Japanese women were raised to be this way. As a result, the ideal female to a Japanese boy was this woman who was a domestic goddess, soft-spoken, and of course, unbelievably hot (though in anime they tend to be more cute than hot).

If you like this type of character, may I recommend: Belldandy from Ah My Goddess or May from Hand Maid May.

2) The tomboy -- these girls tend to tote guns, act out violently, chug booze like a frat-house champ, and above all have hard times expressing feeling of love for their male protagonists.

If you find this type of character amusing, may I recommend: Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo, Shayla Shayla from El Hazard, or, oddly enough, Ryoko Subaru from Martian Successor’s Nadesico.

I should note, some other subject matter expert will argue that there are many more types of anime girls, but I really should emphasize that the two mentioned above represent what I consider to be the most interesting main character types.

Anime Girls with Guns

Similar to the girl segment, there are a couple of different types of gun related flicks:

1) Realistic weaponry -- this is usually set in present-day environments and involves a police force, assassin, or something along those lines.

For this type of genre I’d recommend either Gunsmith Cats or Gunslinger Girl. Both are relatively short series, have decent plot lines, and above all involve girls toting guns.

2) Futuristic wars -- this can be sliced into things with big robots or things with characters in space who seem to only be able to resolve conflicts with BFG-type weapons.

Here I’m intentionally leaving out the stuff with big robots and focusing on the stuff that chooses to resolve conflicts with projectiles. As a result, I’d recommend Iria, and I’m in the process of reviewing Burst Angel, which thus far looks quite promising.


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