Box Office Predictions Dec. 29

I have no idea how this weekend's box-office dollars will be tallied. Is it the normal Fri-Sun? Does Monday count? I guess what I'm saying is, take these predictions with a grain of salt. I'm predicting dollars for a normal weekend, but I don't know if that's right, and G.I. Joe taught me that knowing was at least half the battle. The best will be if I'm right with my predictions because I predicted the wrong number of days. That will be glorious idiocy.

5. The Good Shepherd $7.1m
This has been a lost cause due to the nearly three-hour running time. You would think people would want their eight bucks worth.

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4. Rocky Balboa $9.3m
This was a good idea. The next Rambo is not. We'd be better off seeing Sly in a romantic comedy than in camouflage again.

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3. The Pursuit of Happyness $13.7m
A buddy of mine mentioned how little Oscar buzz Will Smith is getting (even though he got a Golden Globe nom). I think some of that is due to previous nominations he's gotten and the notion that this film doesn't live up to those former works.

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2. Dreamgirls $14.2m
Based on the dip in dollars this one has seen as the week has progressed, it looks like word of mouth is only fair. That makes this dollar amount more hopeful than probable.

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1. Night at the Museum $23.4m
The parents jumped all over this one last weekend. I'm projecting one more jump. I'm also on record as saying it's not that bad (see review link below), if you wanted to jump too.

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Check back with MaryAnn on Tuesday, I'm almost certain her numbers will be accurate.


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Here's that Night at the Museum review I mentioned.

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