Holiday Box Office Recap

I didn't do any predictions for this weekend's box office; I couldn't bear the thought of an inaccurate Christmas. But I owe it to you to at least break down what happened.

Christmas weekend brought a truckload of cash for Night at the Museum, $30.8 million to be precise. In fact, of the top ten films, at least five were very kid friendly. The other number that jumps out is the amazing 70 percent box-office dollar decline for Eragon. The general decline for films from opening weekend is around 48 percent. For instance, the well received Pursuit of Happyness only dipped 43.5 percent, clearly good word of mouth there. Eragon must have driven people to call their friends and pay them not to go.

Either that or the audience consisted of fanatics for week one (and nothing else remained).

Speaking of nothing else remaining, Rocky Balboa sputtered into third after a nice Wednesday ($6.2 million). It looks like Rocky would have garnered the second slot if not for the early opening. The Good Shepherd did almost $10 million in business, which is great for a nearly three-hour think piece. On the other hand, We Are Marshall was crushed at $6.6 million, further calling into question whether this Matt M. guy is a box-office draw.

That's all for this week, tune back in next Monday for your regularly scheduled MaryAnn column!

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