The O.C. Recap

I realized I missed The O.C. when someone asked me a question this weekend, so I had to utilize my underground spy network to catch the episode. It's a little older now, but I thought I'd throw my two cents into the ring with some post-episode thoughts.


I loved the "seven hours earlier" method that's been used so effectively in movies. It's just another example of the innovation Josh Schwartz has brought back to Orange County. Also good was Taylor, who somehow has become the most interesting character on the show. I'm still a fan of The Bullet, and any scene that's Bullet related.


The pregnancy shenanigans were a little too formula. If you're not going to take Julie's male prostitution ring to the limit, I don't see the point of it. She's either a full-blown madame or back to normal Julie, but let's quit messing with in between. More Kaitlin Cooper, please!


Ryan Atwood's dad is in town with some type of mission. Remember the last two Atwood storylines? His brother, who tried to rape Marissa and was an unabashed drug addict, and his momma, who fit in the O.C. about as well as she would the space station. I can only imagine what Frank has in store for us, but I fear it could waste precious airtime that could have been dedicated to the Captain Oats wedding.


Frank wants to be Ryan's real dad, which leads to Ryan saying, "Um, I'm 18." Frank immediately leaves town. Julie incorporates and falls in love with The Bullet. Ryan and Taylor find joy and happiness in the new year.

And to all a good night!

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