Nicole Richie May Be Going to Jail

Uh-oh. Looks like Nicole Richie's going to jail for this latest DUI. And just when Joel Madden was getting laid for the first time in three years .... [TMZ]

Britney's new boyfriend can't get into Hyde. Also, if you'd like to dress up as a douchebag next Halloween, you can pretty much just use the outfit he wore to The Ivy this week. Everyone will totally be like, "Oh, I get it. You're a douchebag." [Cele|bitchy]

Katharine McPhee in OK magazine. I don't know why I love her so much, but I do. [Pop on the Pop]

When Lacey Chabert was on Party of Five, I actually wrote her fan mail (I was younger then, too, okay?). Not only did she write back, but she sent along a full-size, signed headshot. Those in the know tell me she doesn't drink or smoke and attends church regularly. None of which has stopped her from posing half-naked for Maxim. I love Lacey Chabert. [Evil Beet]

Jude Law plans to take his children to a South African orphanage for Christmas, to demonstrate that it is better to have a daddy who leaves your mother for a 22-year-old who he then cheats on with the nanny than it is to have no daddy at all. [Junkiness]

It is possible that Paris Hilton does cocaine. And by "possible" I of course mean "more of a sure thing than Tara Reid on St. Patrick's Day." [Celebrity Smack]

Finally! Someone moves away from character assassination and just plain attempts to assassinate Janice Dickinson. My money's on a former Top Model contestant. [Hollyscoop]

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