Thanksgiving Reviews In Brief

Well, it’s a tough choice this holiday weekend. If this past weekend's films aren’t enough to keep you busy, several more open just this Wednesday to offer a very wide and somewhat frustrating choice when trying to find a way to keep the in-laws' mouths shut for two hours. So for a little holiday help, I thought I’d throw you some reviews-in-the-brief.

Déjà vu. Everyone loves Denzel Washington, and almost everyone loves a big, loud, time travel movie. Right? Well, if your group of folks likes something fast-paced but “not too dumb” this is a sure thing. The perfect mix of action and cleverness to keep you entertained. A little too smart for some folks, but loud and fun enough to make them not care about what they don't get. PG-13. Best Bet.

Casino Royale. If you haven’t seen it yet, everyone you know is telling you that you should. And they’re right. Everyone loves James Bond, and along with Déjà Vu it is pretty much your only non-R-rated option that doesn’t involve penguins or neighbors competing over christmas tree lights. Really, you should just give in and see this if time travel isn’t your thing. Highly recommended.

The Fountain. If you’re cursing me under your breath for suggesting a Tony Scott film and wouldn’t be caught dead at something as ‘plebian’ as a Bond film, then The Fountain should be right up your alley. This beautiful, evocative, deeply romantic film is directed by Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream) and is gonna fly so far over the heads of middle America that they won’t even notice it. This is the romance of the year for anyone who tells time with a binary clock, or simply can’t get enough science fiction, but is just gonna be too weird and heady for everyone else. Recommended if you used to get your hindquarter kicked in high school, but definitely not for Grandma, Uncle Lou, or the kids.

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. Yeah, you pretty much know if you’re gonna love this one or not already. Based on a TV show that lasted exactly six episodes, someone decided to make a movie to remind us why they never got to a seventh. They made a trailer for this which accurately portrayed the humor in the film -- and it wasn’t well received. So they made another one, with Jack Black and Kyle Gass sitting on a couch trying to do a voice-over for the new trailer. And people still didn’t laugh. It’s rare to see this much honesty in an ad campaign. Only recommended if the turkey isn’t the only thing baked this Thursday. Or, you know, you’ve already decided that this is going to be your favorite film of the year.

C. Robert Cargill