Grey's Anatomy Round-Up

Grey's did some nice things coming out of the gate last night, especially with the Morbidity and Mortality conference. I don't know if these things exist in the format in which Grey's presented them, but if they do, count me in. Sadly things geared down a notch with the "Izzy the Millionaire" storyline. She alternated between Queen Latifah in Last Holiday and Guilty McGuilterson (note: a real person). Personally, given an 8.7 million dollar check from a person I love, I wouldn't be guilty in the slightest (Are you reading, wife?). I'd feel terrible that the person was gone but not guilty that they wanted to take care of me. I'd say "Izzy" was about the only weak point, which is sad because she's always been my favorite. I hope she gets back to good going forward as the millionaire model doctor. There probably aren't too many more of those scheduled on the television horizon.

The couple formally known as the McDreamies settled their divorce amicably with Addison getting the house in the Hamptons and the brownstone in Manhattan. Dios Mios! What problems to have. Luckily everything shattered soon after, as Steamy took his first step towards impending "good guy" status (villain wrestler style) so that Addison and Derek could go on hating each other. I even liked Meredith this episode as she went back to doing what she does best, getting rejected. I'll take the depressed Meredith over the teenage girl Meredith any day of the week and twice on Sunday. As for a rating, I'd give this Grey's a solid three running whipstitches out of four. See you next week.