My Name is Earl Round-Up

Hey, I finally really liked an episode of My Name is Earl! They followed the formula I love, a dash of Earl combined with big slices of supporting characters. The funniest line of the night came from Catalina's only scene, where she divulged:

"Men don't like when men sleep with their mothers. That's why my brother killed my father."

She said it so quickly that I had to rewind to follow it, and a bar graph was needed to explain it to my watching mate (who was, in her defense, falling asleep). Giovanni Ribisi was also in the mix as Earl's crazy friend; please make him a recurring character. A wonderful example of comedic timing was staged when the show let an old lady with a walker take up about 30 seconds of screen time. I find that those moments start slow and build up to flat out funny when you realize they are taking a joke all the whole way. For the record, Family Guy is a master of this technique.

So good news on the Earl front, they took a silly premise and ran with it, unlike prior episodes of taking a serious premise and trying to make it funny. Nice work, fellas! I'll be pleased to tune in next week to hopefully see more of the same.