Music on Nip/Tuck: Ear-jacked

Rosie O'Donnell returned as Dawn Budge for last night's episode of Nip/Tuck, which is fitting given the

recent news that

target="_blank">she's signed on for a N/T spinoff. Before last night's episode, I was

pessimistic about the idea, but seeing her more nuanced second performance made a believer out of me.

O'Donnell's Dawn gets ear-jacked; that is, her ear is cut off (warning: suspend disbelief) in a motorcyle drive-by

robbery of an expensive earring Dawn's wearing. To replace her ear, Sean recommends using genetic engineering to grow

an ear on the back of a mouse named Vincent. That's for Van Gogh, the painter (Dawn: "I know who Van Gogh is, I

bought one for my bathroom. Every time I take a dump now, I feel artistic"). The music played while Dawn is

introduced to the mouse is Ekvat's "Babu Amgelo," which is

a good example of how music can make a scene funnier.

Elsewhere, The Rolling Stones make another

appearance (their fourth song in the last three episodes), contributing "Under My

Thumb" to Christian's evil seduction of Kimber. Then, with a knowing wink, Don McLean's "Vincent" is used as the

mouse with the same name gives his life for Dawn's surgery.


target="_blank">Nip/Tuck - Episode 4.07

Episode Tracklisting:

1. "Best Friend" - Voom Voom - Sean and Christian

discuss family issues during surgery/ Liz faints

2. "Zentrifuge" - Einsturzende

Neubauten - Flashback sequence with Dawn telling Christian and Sean about her "ear-jacking" by a

motorcyclist as she walks out of a Miami store wearing diamond earrings

3. "Bittersweet Faith"

- Bitter:Sweet - Matt gives Kimber a massage and makes a pass at her/ Kimber kicks Matt out of the sauna

4. “Babu Amgelo” - Ekvat - Dawn

goes to the science lab where the skin-grafted ear for her ear reconstruction surgery is being created with the help of

the mouse ‘Vincent’

5. "Under My Thumb"

- The Rolling Stones - Michelle and Christian break up/ Christian goes to Kimber’s house and tries to convince her

that he’s changed and wants her back/Christian seduces Kimber

6. "Vincent" - Don McLean

- Christian and Sean perform Dawn’s ear reconstruction 7. "Stop Singing" - Chow Hsuan - Christian operates on Burt to

fix the damage done by his stroke

8. "Babu Amgelo" - Ekvat

- Liz tells Sean that she has found a better match for her kidney replacement/ Liz & Dawn are prepped for


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Tatoo You (Episode 4.06)

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can buy (Episode 405)

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