O.J. Simpson to Write Book Detailing Nicole's Murder

O.J. Simpson is reportedly being paid $3.5 million to write a book detailing the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman, reports the National Enquirer. "Only that kind of money could have tempted O.J. to finally tell the truth," says a source familiar with the book, which is supposedly set to be released in the next few weeks. The working title? If I Did It.

In the book, O.J. "describes how he grabbed a knife from a man who accompanied him to Nicole's home -- and moments later found himself covered in blood and looking down on the bodies of Nicole and Ron," according to the source, although Juice includes a "half-hearted" claim that the murder details are "hypothetical." Besides, he'd have to be pretty stupid to write a book about killing after he killed someone the way he described in his book. He'd be announcing himself as the killer. He's not stupid.

Thanks to double jeopardy laws, O.J.'s raging irrationality, greed and ruthless lack of respect for his late ex-wife, her family or their children will, once again, not land him in a prison cell.

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