A Look at DVD Best Sellers

Please enjoy a smidge of insight and morsel of fact-free opinion as we look at the spending habits of our DVD nation.

5. The L Word, The Complete Third Season (Pre-Order)

Two things are shocking here: 1. They are on the third season? and 2. The DVD made the top five as a preorder! I'm completely taken aback, I had no idea there were L Word fans out there. Have you ever met someone who watches this? Are the fans reluctant to talk about their L Word obsession? Many mysteries here, let's just move on before I get myself in trouble.

4. Grey's Anatomy, Season Two

The season two tag is a little misleading as the first season only had nine episodes. This one is the full, beefy 27-episode effort. It doesn't look like it's jammed full of special features, but with over 20 hours of show to watch I'm guessing you'll be satiated by the time the final disc completes.

3. X-Men: The Last Stand, Widescreen Edition

When I left the theater I liked it. Every day since I've liked it less and less due to the treatment a few of the main characters received. Maybe I should go back to it, eh? There's a chance one of the three alternate endings included on the DVD will bring me back around.

2. Cars, Widescreen Edition (Pre-Order)

This little animation is going to make money hand over fist come the holiday season. I never saw it, so I can't really comment, but I have heard those Pixar guys seem to know what they're doing.

1. The Little Mermaid, Two-Disc Special Edition

I'm ashamed on many levels to admit I love The Little Mermaid. Now that Disney has put out a lavish two-disc set, what chance do I have? I will have to buy this, if only for the new music video edition of "Kiss the Girl." Also, (shame, have you no bounds) the Little Mermaid is hot.

That's all for this week. If things in the top five don't swtich around by next week, we'll either look further down the list at interesting nuggets or perhaps laugh at underperforming DVDs instead. Either way it promises to be oodles of fun, though not nearly as much fun as living under the sea with a mermaid.


Laremy Legel

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