Box Office Predictions October 20

5. Flags of our Fathers $9.2m
Having seen this I can tell you it won't get the word of mouth it needs to have a break-out weekend. Also, given the number of theaters showing it, I think I can safely say they don't have much confidence in the product either.

4. The Grudge 2 $10m
Speaking of word of mouth, it's already hurting this one. The financial piece behind horrors is that they are low budget and high grossing. The public doesn't demand good work, just work in general, so the beat goes on, same as it ever was.

3. The Prestige $11.8m
This is most certainly my favorite movie on the board, innovative and hard to predict. I also think it will win the per-theater dollars average, which is a great indicator of a film that's not marketed well.

2. The Departed $12.2m
It's a film worthy of your time, but I'm guessing you've already seen it if you're reading a site like

1. Flicka $13.3m
I'm betting on Flicka to win the weekend, and I'm just terrified. It's in the most theaters, and the kids haven't had one in a while. Nevertheless, if it doesn't win I'm the guy who picked a kid's horse movie to win and got crushed. C'mon, Karma!

Check back with MaryAnn on Monday to see if I get crushed.

Laremy Legel (
Here is why I'm so darn worried about Flicka.