Today in Creative PR: Nick Carter Lost His Virginity to Debra LaFave

These Carter kids are really invested in their upcoming reality show, House of Carters. I thought they'd pulled out the big guns when Aaron proposed to a Playboy model earlier in the month (he quickly rescinded the offer). But they were just getting started.

We bloggers are gonna write about that damn show each and every day, and if it means Nick Carter has to admit to losing his virginity to and currently being a little bit in love with an infamous pedophile on Howard Stern's radio show, THEN THAT IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN.

Nick Carter told Stern that, as a teenager, he lost his virginity to Debra LaFave, the Florida eighth-grade teacher who was arrested for having a lot of sex with her 14-year-old student. LaFave was 23 at the time. Carter and LaFave met -- where else? -- in church. Their budding relationship ended when LaFave cheated on him with a chick.

Nick -- who's been linked to Paris Hilton and Willa Ford -- also says that “a lot of the girls I’ve had the best sex with or best anything with have been just normal girls.” And by "normal girls" he of course means "insecure groupies who'll seriously put anything in their ass. Like, anything, guys."

But the "normal girls" can't hold a candle to LaFave's brand of crazy hot chick. Nick shares that she is the best lay he's ever had, and that "I always thought I wanted to go back and rekindle it with her, but now it's too late for that."

I smell a cameo.

The Evil Beet
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