Who's Up, Who's Down: Ben Affleck Up

The collective sound of "Whaaaa?" could be heard throughout the internet community as Ben Affleck snagged the Venice Film Festivel's Best Actor award for his portrayal of George Reeves in Hollywoodland. I've never been an Affleck hater, and I never had doubts as far as his acting chops went. He's no Matt Damon (the Jordan to his BJ Armstrong), but he's given first-rate performances in movies like Good Will Hunting, Changing Lanes and Glengarry Glen-Boiler Room.

Now, Affleck chose the role in an effort to get his career back on track, and it looks like it's paying some dividends. The film and its stars (Adrien Brody, Diane Lane and Affleck) generally received good reviews. It has been years since Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been mentioned in the same sentence (until now ... mua-ha-ha-ha-ha!), but the guy still hasn't recovered. And there's only one word you could use to describe the J-Lo episode of South Park: Infamy. Lopez beaus, heed this warning.

Affleck has two more promising films coming out this year to complete his attempts at world domination. First is the film Smokin' Aces which, from the looks of the trailer, might be killer stuff and a chance for him to gain some cult status cred. Also up his sleeve is the Mike Binder film Man About Town. Assuming these films work out, Affleck might find himself back on the A-list again. Then again, it can't get any worse than Surviving Christmas.

DOWN: Kazakhstan

As Borat gets ready to invade the America's of the United States theatre movies, Kazakhstan is suing creator Sasha Baron Cohen for his portrayal of the country as an anti-Semitic, chauvinistic, backwards nation. Apparently not having a sense of humor is still considered forward thinking.