When I Say 'Trans' You Say 'Formers'

Okay, I know it puts me a little bit in the geeked-out category, but I'm looking forward to next July's live-action version of the Transformers. Wait! Don't Judge. It may not be for the reason you're thinking -- I don't collect the toys or own the comics where they team up with G.I. Joe (ok, I own a few of them, but I don't read them anymore!).

The reason is pure fascination. How are they going to pull it off? The joy of the Transformers (more than meets the eye) is that they are robots without any need for human interaction. Oh sure, every once in a while they'd have to save a kid from a building that Megatron shot up, but overall I can't remember one single solitary humanoid that was in the Transformers universe. And yet here comes the live-action film down the pike, complete with none other than Shia LaBeouf in a starring role. Remember him? He was in 'he Battle of Shaker Heights and The Greatest Game Ever Played. So no, you don't remember him.

In truth, I can't see this one working because we'll probably even have some type of love story. That's the problem with my Hollywood buds; they take a simple concept (a car that turns into a robot) and turn it into something more complex for "everyone." Yeah, I'll see it ... but afterwards I'll probably have to head back to the comics where they team up with G.I. Joe, the guys who simply fought for freedom wherever there was trouble. Hey, now there's a movie idea ....

Despite myself, I liked The Greatest Game Ever Played (review).