Afternoon Delight: Mena Suvari Does Her Best "Aging, Drunk Ingenue"

  • Mena Suvari (who? what?) sucks face for the camera with some random guy at Fashion Week. It looks awkward and a little bit gross, and somehow it is still so much easier to watch than any film she's done in the past five years.
  • Woah! Kate Bosworth totally has washboard ... everything.
  • Jessica Simpson's making amends for her years of dependence on publicist Rob Shuter. A few more months and she should be ready to sponsor a newcomer.
  • Is Zack Braff moving in on Rachel Bilson?
  • Tom Cruise? Gay??? How could that be? He is so in love with Katie Holmes!
  • You know, Aruba got, like, a full year of publicity out of that Natalie Holloway thing. So it's really only fair that the folks in the Bahamas drag this thing with Anna Nicole Smith's kid out for at least another month.

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