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Welcome to the weekend where the healing begins. Will it be a good financial weekend? No, of course not, it's dud city out there but we WILL see a film make over $10m. Onward to bold and beautiful predictions!

5. The Covenant $4.6m
The last week in the top five, and we'll all miss it very much.

4. The Last Kiss $5.6m
I really enjoyed this, but it sits at a rotten 46 percent on Rotten Tomatoes which bodes poorly. It's also rated R which hurts its chances. This number feels like more of a hope than a prediction.

3. Everyone's Hero $8.7m
It is always hard to say whether parents will respond to a kid's film, but I've got this number low based on lack of ads and the fact that the children are back at school.

2. The Black Dahlia $9.5m
The sad fact is no one cares if it's any good ... they only care that it looks boring. Where are the explosions? Where are the automatic machine guns? Nevertheless, $9.5m is a nice little chunk of change for something that had to be low budget.

1. Gridiron Gang $16.1m
This result should make you sad to be an American. It looks like Dangerous Minds on a football field, or a remake of The Longest Yard without laughs (though in fairness that one didn't have laughs either).

Check back with MaryAnn (my friend and yours) to see how the weekend played out.
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