FireStarter: Is Grey's Chick Programming?

Welcome to a new feature called "FireStarter," in which one writer will throw out an opinion (hopefully unsubstantiated and ill researched) and other writers will agree, disagree, or flat out ignore. Here's a fun one for you:

Is Grey's Anatomy "Female" Programming?

As someone who watches Grey's, I start by arguing "no," but I have had plenty of guys mention that they are made to watch it by a lady in their life, or that it feels very much like a soap opera. Huh? It's one of the best scripted dramas on TV, it has sexuality and blood doused all over it, and somehow this is aimed at women first and foremost? I don't think so.

If you are wondering what this whole rant is based on, UsaToday is running an article soon, an op-ed piece, in which the writer claims that Grey's hunky doctors and emphasis on relationships makes it destination viewing for women and forced viewing for men.

So what do you think?

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