Whitney Houston Gets Some Addiction Advice from Courtney Love

As we reported earlier, Whitney "Crack is Wack" Houston recently filed for divorce from her husband of fourteen years, Bobby Brown. Today, Us Weekly has new details about how Whitney finally put an end to her wack marriage: with a little help from Courtney Love.

No, it's not the premise of an SNL sketch. Sources claim that Courtney Love, who now has nearly a year sober following her "sober" appearance on Pam Anderson's Comedy Central roast, recommended that Clive Davis stage an intervention to help Houston address her drug problem. Once Whitney had dealt with that, friends say, she found the courage to give Bobby the boot.

Congrats to the both of them for getting clean. Stay tuned for part two of this saga in 2025, when Lindsay Lohan drags Bobbi Kristina's drunk ass to Promises.

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