Grey's Anatomy Round-Up

The first episode of Grey's Anatomy was not so much an episode as a "hey, anybody new out there?" Yes, ABC is gently bringing late joiners into the fold, and I can't say I blame them there. The bad news is that not a lot was cleared up for us loyal fans; it was another "Meredith on the confused voice-over special" effort. My favorite episode last year was when George narrated. Clearly all the characters are appreciated at this point, so let's spread the wealth around a bit, eh?

Of course I'll be tuning in all season, even if they keep pushing the less interesting McDreamy and Meredith love disaster. Why? The same elements that have made Grey's appointment viewing over the past season and a half were all in place: great music, great dialogue, and a huge cast of compelling characters. See you next week, when we'll round it up all over again.

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