Music on TV: So pick me, choose me, love me

When the dust settled from Super Bowl XL this past February, it became clear that the real winner was in fact Grey's Anatomy. ABC followed the big game with a riveting cliffhanger episode (#216 - "It's the End of the World") that had folks on the edge of their seats (that was answered with #217, "As We Know It," for all you REM fans). After that, the series was a mainstay at the top of the weekly ratings, and with a move to Thursday nights this season, it looks to squash that other musically oriented series, The OC. Grey's actually seems like the cool older sister to The OC, musically speaking. She can impress you by playing Dressy Bessy, but then immediately embarrass you when you see she's got James Blunt in her collection as well.

The second season of Grey's Anatomy is out on DVD tomorrow, but that's not all ... there's also a CD soundtrack, Grey's Anatomy: Volume 2, featuring 15 songs that appeared on the show, including an exclusive acoustic version of Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars," which closed the season out in chilling fashion.

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