Music on TV: Cheddarella!

It's hard to feel sorry for son Silas ... while his girlfriend makes the difficult choice to end her pregnancy, we all know he conspired to get her preggers in the first place. So why am I having pangs of empathy for this evil son of a 'bitch-ass-bitch'? Prolly 'cause he's locked in mourning listening to Rogue Wave's "Kicking the Heart Out." Works nearly every time. Also on this episode is "Pirates" from Gabby La La, who's a good friend of Primus' Les Claypool. Not only his her debut on Claypool's label, but he also produces, arranges, and plays all over the release.

Elsewhere, in a bit of tasty cheese (cheddar + mozzarella = CHEDDARELLA!) is the queen of Australian yodelling, Mary Schneider, whose "Yodelling Mozart" provides some comic relief in the midst of all this drama. Cheddarella indeed!

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