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Ariel Winter’s New Hair Channels A Certain Disney Princess

Get ready to start singing 'Part of Your World'

Everyone's favorite sassy middle child on Modern Family ditched her black hair for a more springy look. Ariel Winter revealed on Instagram and Twitter last night (March 10) that she dyed her hair a rockin' new color.

May I just say she looks straight-up FLAWLESS as a redhead? I'm not sure what that particular shade of red is called — these hair colors always have fancy, fun names — but it's gorgeous, whatever it is.

"I'm now a ?!," the 18-year-old actress captioned the video. Several of the captions noticed she was channeling a certain Disney princess, one who sings about dinglehoppers and dreams about legs. Hint: They have the same first name.


Yep, Ariel is definitely the new Ariel. Too bad she's not going to be in 2017 live-action film version of The Little Mermaid! She already looks the part.

  • Of course, she's rocked the redhead look before, back in 2014.
  • And it looked beautiful then as well.
  • Sure, that dalmatian is looking at the camera, but he's really just thinking about how much he wished he had red hair like Winter's.
  • Oh, and can't forget about Halloween 2015, when she donned a super bright red wig for her '80s rocker costume.

In between these two recent redhead posts, Winter shared a throwback vid (or a GIF, actually) of herself and boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette. "#tbt to being a queen with my king❤️ goodnight loves! ?," she wrote.

And while we love her long black locks, seeing this new ??? side is giving us major hair inspo right now. WORK IT, ARIEL.


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