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Even 11-Year-Olds Have Better Grammar Than Justin Bieber

So, *is* it too late to say sorry?

Justin Bieber's been publicly dragged for a lot of reasons, but this has to be the most adorable one yet.

An unnamed 11-year-old student from the United Kingdom is going viral for filing a snappy written complaint against Bieber's 2012 hit "Boyfriend" over the poor lyrical grammar contained in the song's chorus.

"Boyfriend," Bieber's biggest hit from his Believe album, repeated the line "If I was your boyfriend, I'd never let you go," and even four years and a new album later, this kid is still not OK with it.

In a letter, shared on Facebook by his teacher, the kiddo points out that the line violates the rule of subjunctive mood.

"The correct lyrics should, in fact be, 'If I were your boyfriend," the note reads.

"This is a very common mistake made by the general public today; However, if role models (and popular singer/song-writers) such as you cannot use it, why should we make the effort to study and use such grammatical forms correctly?" Touché, little man (and way to work in the criminal under-served semicolon, too).

The boy went on to tout Beyoncé as an example of someone who doesn't disrespect "the basics of the English language" like this and demanded that Bieber "must" abide from now on. (The "or else" was invisible but still very present in that last bit.)

Since something like this just cannot stand alone, we'd love to hear what the erudite fellow thinks of some of Justin Bieber's other grammar fails.

  • Goodness knows Bieber's quick with the dangling modifier.
  • Plus, his punctuation game is pretty rough.
  • Most of the time he doesn't bother writing full words at all.
  • Also, he definitely doesn't concern himself with correct capitalization.

This isn't over (we hope).

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