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Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis's Baby Is All Of Us When It Comes To 'Beyoncé Boobies'

'Yonce is the toddler pacifier you didn't know you needed

Beyoncé fever is an ageless condition, and there's no better proof than little Otis Sudeikis, the almost-two-year-old son of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis.

You might recall that Otis is the same celeb baby whose world debut came by way of a breastfeeding shot with mom, which means his love of tatas has been well-documented from the start. So, when BB Sudeikis was recently introduced to Bey's music video repertoire as a last-ditch effort for his mom and dad to keep him chill on an airplane, it was not only love at first sight, but he also gave her an appropriate (for him, at least) new nickname: Beyoncé Boobies.

Wilde, who currently stars in HBO's Vinyl celebrated her 32nd birthday Thursday, March 10, by hitting up The Ellen DeGeneres Show and treating the world to the details of Otis's intense infatuation with the Beyness.

Apparently, the pair made the grave mistake of boarding a flight without enough distractions to keep their tyke calm, so lest they risk death by eye daggers from other passengers, so they had to scramble to find something, anything that would keep the toddler calm.

Luckily enough for them and everyone else within earshot, she just so happened to have some Beyoncé videos saved on her phone ('cause who doesn't?), and he was definitely into it.

"I just put those on for him and he was really taken, and he really zoned in on one in particular, that's the one, 'Yonce,' which is arguably the most sexually explicit video ever made and he was like, 'Oh, yeah, yeah,'" she explained. "From that point on, he called her Beyoncé Boobies, which I think is great because most people [would] call her like Beyoncé Booty, but he right now is still thinking in [the chest] zone."

It's not the first time we've heard of Otis's devotion to Queen B, of course. At the Academy Awards, the proud parents boasted their support of Otis's "strong, healthy obsession" with the "Formation" singer, but we had no idea it was like this.

So, whereas most second birthday parties call in some assistance from the Sesame Street crew or maybe Dora the Explorer, Otis's b-day party is going to be lit -- a "Beyoncé listening party appreciation dance-off." The only question we have left here is, um, can we join?