Teen Mom OG Aftermath: Have Farrah Abraham And Producer Larry Musnik Buried The Hatchet?

The MTV duo open up about their onscreen feud.

Farrah Abraham clashing with Teen Mom OG executive producer Larry Musnik was an unforgettable moment from this season of the long-running series (you can relive the spat in the video below). But have the two mended fences -- or are they still in the same place they were during that tense altercation?

Larry, along with the MTV cast member's producer Heather Walsh, joined the young mother on her new podcast "Farrah & Friends" -- and naturally, this disagreement was the first subject the trio discussed.

"I think we're past it," the longtime member of production disclosed after being asked by Farrah about where they currently stand. "We’ve hugged it out, we said our apologies to each other," while the entrepreneur added that she is a "forgiving person."

"I think you are truly a good person, and I do love you and I always have," Larry continued. "I said that to you and your family."

Because viewers only got a sample of the disagreement, Heather provided a bit of backstory about the televised incident.

"Larry came in from another shoot and was really tired," Heather explained. "I think you guys also butt heads, and I think you butt heads because you care about each other."

To hear more from this candid interview -- including how Larry considers Farrah his family -- listen in on this installment of "Farrah & Friends" below.