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Believe It Or Not, Kanye West Is Still Finishing The Life Of Pablo

Actually, I believe it

After a few weeks of nonstop The Life Of Pablo-related updates, there's been a bit of a pause in the never-ending rollout of Kanye West's latest album.

But 'Ye hit play once again on Wednesday night, announcing on Twitter that he's finishing the final mix of the album.

Normally, this sort of announcement from an artist who made his album available for streaming a month ago would be strange. "The album is already out; what are you talking about?" we'd say. But not with Kanye, and not with TLOP.

The circumstances surrounding the release have been one-of-a-kind from the beginning: constantly shifting album titles; changing track lists, each available for public consumption; a listening party at Madison Square Garden the day before the announced drop; the passing of a release date without said release or recognition of the missed release; an eventual release, briefly for sale online, but soon only streaming on Tidal; a promise to "fix" one of the songs after the stream was already available; an announcement that the album wouldn't ever be for sale; a video for a song that's not even on the album; a declaration from the artist that he'd never sell CDs again.

What does it mean, now, weeks after the project was first made available, that he's finishing mixing the album? Will it be re-uploaded to Tidal and sound different? Will it be made available other places? Will we never even know, because he's just playing the mixed version for friends and family?

I have no idea.

Meanwhile, let's not overlook the other part of this tweet: that he's at work on his next album, which, for now, is called Turbo Grafx 16.