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'Dog Or Fried Chicken?' Is The Most Disgustdorable Meme You'll Ever See

We don't know how to feel

Some things look like other things: sheep look like clouds, brown sugar looks like sand, and we mustn't forget the enduring "Hot Dogs or Legs," which is so pervasive, it has its own official Facebook page.

It's the joy of association that makes us look at the world in a new way, so it makes sense that people are obsessed with the following comparison.

On March 7, Twitter user Karen Zach tweeted a pair of memes that have quickly gone viral. In the first tweet, which contains a gallery of images, she poses the question: "Puppy or bagel?"

She posed another, more chilling food/canine question with a second set of images, this time asking: "Labradoodle or fried chicken?"

This new meme is making puppies look delicious and that is so not right -- and even though we feel horrible about it, the rest of the Internet finds it hilarious, and Zach's tweets have collected 11,000 favorites, 11,000 retweets, and have been trending on Reddit too.

To see what else Zach dreams up, follow her on Twitter.

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